Evocon stands as a visually engaging and user-friendly OEE software, specifically designed to empower manufacturing companies in enhancing productivity and eliminating waste. By offering real-time insights into factory operations, such as downtime or scrap occurrences, Evocon facilitates continuous improvement initiatives. Notably, the effectiveness of Evocon is closely tied to operator engagement and data input. Through our research, we identified a correlation: clients who actively input data and engage with the platform experience significant improvements in factory or station performance. Incorporating gamification principles into Evocon's Shift View interface to boost operator engagement, encourage active participation, and improve overall user satisfaction.

To address the challenge of promoting operator engagement, my colleague and I embarked on an in-depth exploration, conducting interviews with operators to gain insights into their challenges and pain points. Following a thorough review of our findings and discussions with stakeholders, I came up with the idea of implementing gamification elements for operators.


Summer & Autumn 2023

Project team:

UX researcher, Product Designer (myself), Head of Product, CEO, a team of developers.

My role:

Project idea - Project management - Visual Design - Interaction Design

As both the Project Lead and Product Designer for this project, my responsibilities included a multifaceted approach - I took charge of understanding research findings and identifying operators' pain points as well as contributed in synthesising research findings to produce viable ideas. Additionally, I facilitated brainstorming sessions and workshops, proposing innovative strategies to address operators' pain points and incentivise their contributions.

Finally, I consolidated and meticulously documented the vision for gamification, placing emphasis on prioritising essential MVP features. Additionally, I suggested the product design strategy for gamification feature, outlining the approach to be undertaken. I conducted multiple sessions to validate the solution with stakeholders and developers, ensuring alignment with project goals and garnering valuable insights for refinement.

UX Challenges

The data indicates that when an operator takes charge of a shift, it usually leads to increased engagement, marked by a higher completion rate of data fields, more precise comments, and greater active participation.

Moreover, earlier research has underscored the challenges that operators encounter when navigating Evocon's Shift view with efficiency and engagement. Problems often arise during the rapid adaptation to new system features, swift data entry, and shift handovers, directly affecting productivity and communication throughout shifts.

Furthermore, Operators conveyed a profound emotional attachment to Mr. Evocon, even though this sentiment does not accurately capture the essence of their work, which revolves around OEE.


Research findings uncovered valuable insights and identified specific pain points. To tackle these issues, I chose to concentrate on personalisation for operators, empathising with their experiences and understanding the potential benefits for Evocon as a business.

Initially, I considered presenting statistics on shift performance and comparing it to other shifts. However, I recognised that this approach only indirectly addresses the operators' needs.

Consequently, I opted to integrate this concept into a more comprehensive feature – gamification.


The Shift Excellence Feature aims to incentivise operators through gamified elements like progress bars and rewards.

Spotlight helps to highlight areas needing attention, while visual feedback includes progress tracking bars guiding operators to achieve a Perfect Shift by fulfilling requirements like assigning themselves to the shift or commenting on stops.

Additionally, engaging Mr. Evocon involves introducing more emotions and interactions, incorporating animations, notifications, and timely reminders for enhanced operator engagement.